Rappahannock River Yacht Club

Originally established in 1976, the Commodores Cup was the premiere regatta of the year and the grand finale to the end of the sailing season.  This PHRF race offers both a Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker class.  This event takes place each October.  Listed below are the winners from the last 5 years:


  • 2011:  Dave Raffetto (Typhoon), Tom Chapman (Non-Spinnaker)                                                
  • 2012:  Sissy Crowther (Typhoon), Dwight Timm (Non-Spinnker), Jerry Latell (Spinnaker)
  • 2013:  Tommy Asch
  • 2014:  Sam Marshall (Spinnaker), Tom Watkins (Typhoon)
  • 2015:

Consult the "Yearbook" for a list of winners dating back to 1976.

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