Fall PHRF Racing on the River begins September 17

Participation in Spring PHRF racing was our best in years.  Let’s keep it going by getting even more boats out for our Fall Season.  Fall PHRF racing starts with YPRCC Fall Regatta on September 19 (watch the YPRCC website for NOR and SIs), next up is the Rappahannock Cup September 26 & 27, followed by the Turkey Shoot October 2,3 and 4.  Next up is the YPRCC Singlehanded Race October 11 followed by RRYC Fall Regatta October 17.
Two key objectives for RRYC racing this year are to defend the Turkey Shoot Yacht Club Trophy and  to win back the Rappahannock Cup!  So lets get more boats out on the water and get maximum participation of RRYC in the Rappahannock Cup races!
Look forward to seeing you on the water.  Any questions call or write Tom Chapman, PHRF Fleet Commander: 804-577-3202, phrf@rryc.org.


Turkey Shoot Time!

Early registration for the Turkey Shoot, held October 2-4 this year, closes September 1st.  Register now to get your boat’s name on the T-Shirt and a $10 discount.  We are shooting to exceed last years number of 100 boats registered.  In addition we need to defend our win of the John and Carole Jean McConnico Trophy, awarded to the Club with the lowest cumulative score for their top three finishers.  Be part of this great tradition in it’s 20th year and for the third year sponsored by RRYC, YPRCC and Rappahannock Yachts.  To register click on Turkey Shoot in the club header or go to Turkeyshoot.org.
In addition, the Godspeed will be coming to the regatta and berthed at the Tides.  Although not racing, the Godspeed will be on the river with the racers giving you the chance to race with history.
Also, we need volunteers to drive the water taxis for the boats moored out in the creek: To volunteer contact Frank Martin at (804) 313-5072 or fkmart@aol.com.  This is an great way to support the regatta.

Jr Sailing Fall Series begins THIS SUNDAY

2012 Banner Burgee.gifOkay, we’ve decided to modify the dates of the RRYC Jr Fall Series. Actually we’re just pretending #1 never happened and starting #1 on the original #2 day.

The dates will be:

#1 Sunday 8/30
#2 Sunday 9/13
#3 Sunday 9/20

Here are the Sailing Instructions: RRYC Jr Fall Series 2015 SI

It is VITAL that you let us know if you plan to attend any of these events, so that we can deploy the appropriate race committee and logistics resources!  THANKS!
Just RSVP to juniorsailing@rryc.org. Also let me know if you’re a club member and can volunteer on race committee for any of these three Sunday afternoons.

Yacht club history…

logo3Sometime in the early 1600s, the idea of sailing for private pleasure started to take root in the Netherlands. Later that century, during the Cromwellian years, King Charles II of England was in exile in the Netherlands and while there he became aware of this new and exciting pastime.

In 1660 after his restoration to the English crown and return from exile, Charles was presented with a yacht called Mary by the Dutch, which he sailed enthusiastically on the Thames. Soon several of his courtiers followed his example and we feel pretty certain that one of them was Murrough O’Brien, the 6th Lord Inchiquin (Murrough of the Burnings). We know that not only had he attended the court of King Charles from 1660 to 1662, but also that he had been created the 1st Earl of Inchiquin by Charles in 1664.

We also know that private sailing started to become popular in Cork Harbour shortly after his return, quite possibly because of his direct encouragement. In any case, by 1720, interest in the sport had progressed so much that his great-grandson, the 26 year old William O’Brien, the 9th Lord Inchiquin, and five of his friends got together to formalise their activities and in so doing established ” The Water Club of the Harbour of Cork “. This club is known today as the Royal Cork Yacht Club and it is the oldest yacht club in the world.


Club Burgees

burgeeflying204-marleeAs some of the club’s weekend regulars may be aware, I’ve started a project of documenting our burgee collection right on the club website. Obviously I can’t identify all of them, but I’ve made a good start. The idea is to have an image of each burgee, a link to the club or other entity, location, and any notes associated with the burgee. If anyone has any stories about any of the burgees that have been contributed to the club over the years, now’s the time to dredge up those old memories. Check out the page at http://www.rryc.org/our-club/burgees-in-the-club and I’m open to any suggestions.

I don’t suppose there are any old-timers or current or former club historians in the group who might be able to shed some light on the original story behind either the original RRYC burgee or its gradual transformation to the burgee we now know as the RRYC burgee…

Junior Regatta Recap

Our Junior Regatta was a tremendous success!  Despite national-level events going on in other regions which took some of the potential competitors out of the area, we had attendees from RRYC, Premier Sailing, Fishing Bay, Indian Creek, Larchmont, Mill Creek and even Norfolk Yacht Club! A total of 41 boats and 46 sailors competed in the event!

The event started with a delay flag, while our PRO Jerry Latell went out into the river and performed some secret rituals to bring the wind. Apparently they were successful. The wind came and held steady, and blew our young sailors around for the duration of the event.

Special thanks to the many volunteers that stepped up and helped to organize, manage and staff the event. Everywhere I looked, I saw things running smoothly, people who looked like they knew what they were doing.

Here are the results for the event. Stay tuned and check back here for information on photos. We were fortunate to have Scott Adams of Richmond photographing the entire event (http://www.scottadamsrva.com) as well as our own Gary Hooper, who not only shot the event from the water, but also flew a drone over the Green Fleet during their final race. Can’t wait to see the footage from that!

420 Results
Laser Results
Sunfish Results

Opti Blue Fleet Results

Opti White Fleet Results

Opti Green Fleet Results

Opti Overall Results