Turkey Shoot Rescheduled!

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Severe weather and the potential landfall of Hurricane Joaquin have forced us to re-schedule the Turkey Shoot Regatta from Oct. 2-4, to Oct 9-11, 2015. Fortunately, we are able to hold this fun event at the same venue. Events are scheduled for the same times and we hope your enjoyment will be the same or perhaps even better. To help you get started there will be a free beverage ticket in your Skipper Bag.

We appreciate your support and participation, and as they say, “You can’t control the rain, but you can wet your whistle!”

******* STAY SAFE ********

Rappahannock Cup Rescheduled to October 17 & 18

Rappahannock Cup Rescheduled to October 17 & 18
With safety our first concern, YPRCC and RRYC have cancelled this weekend’s Rappahannock Cup Regatta.  We have rescheduled it for the weekend of October 17 and 18.  Since October 17 was to be the weekend of the Commodore’s cup we are also canceling that event with no reschedule.
Winning back the Rappahannock Cup is a major objective of our 2015 racing program.  For your information, YPRCC and RRYC have revised the Cup By-Laws to allow boats without a PHRF Certificate as long as their rating is agreed to between both clubs.  This should allow us to get more boats out to race.  Please contact me if you are interested in helping RRYC win back the Cup!  Contact me at phrf@rryc.org.
Tom Chapman, PHRF Fleet Commander

Turkey Shoot Volunteers Needed

We need your help for the Turkey Shoot.   Wine Servers are needed to pour wine from 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM , in two hour shifts, on Friday, Oct 2, and Saturday, Oct 3.  On Sunday, Oct. 4, the hours are a little more fluid, but we expect to be open 2:00 PM until 5;00 PM.  You will be working with at least one other person, probably two at the busy times.   All those volunteers will earn the official Turkey Shoot Volunteer”  tee-shirt awarded on the spot.
Contact Joel Dugan at 804 436 6213 to get your assignments.    Join the fun and volunteer!  Thanks, Tom Chapman and Jerry Latell

Clubhouse WiFi

Just wanted to give an update on the clubhouse wifi.  A few weeks ago, the Buffalo wifi router in the clubhouse died. The club manager picked up a new router, and I spent some time working with it, and we were back in business. By the time I returned from vacation, the clubhouse wifi was no longer functional. Further troubleshooting revealed a problem with the network cable between the annex and the clubhouse. (The annex is where the Internet connection comes in, and the two Buffalo routers were connected by a network cable).  Rather than dig deeper and troubleshoot the network cable itself, I asked the club manager to purchase two new wifi routers, which are specifically marketed to handle higher power and longer range. I hope to configure these on Friday evening. The goal is to get these two routers working together wirelessly, so that they no longer require the network cable between the buildings, but still provide seamless wifi connectivity at the pool, the clubhouse, and hopefully on the dock as well. I’ll post another update on this project on Friday or Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fall PHRF Racing on the River begins September 17

Participation in Spring PHRF racing was our best in years.  Let’s keep it going by getting even more boats out for our Fall Season.  Fall PHRF racing starts with YPRCC Fall Regatta on September 19 (watch the YPRCC website for NOR and SIs), next up is the Rappahannock Cup September 26 & 27, followed by the Turkey Shoot October 2,3 and 4.  Next up is the YPRCC Singlehanded Race October 11 followed by RRYC Fall Regatta October 17.
Two key objectives for RRYC racing this year are to defend the Turkey Shoot Yacht Club Trophy and  to win back the Rappahannock Cup!  So lets get more boats out on the water and get maximum participation of RRYC in the Rappahannock Cup races!
Look forward to seeing you on the water.  Any questions call or write Tom Chapman, PHRF Fleet Commander: 804-577-3202, phrf@rryc.org.


Turkey Shoot Time!

Early registration for the Turkey Shoot, held October 2-4 this year, closes September 1st.  Register now to get your boat’s name on the T-Shirt and a $10 discount.  We are shooting to exceed last years number of 100 boats registered.  In addition we need to defend our win of the John and Carole Jean McConnico Trophy, awarded to the Club with the lowest cumulative score for their top three finishers.  Be part of this great tradition in it’s 20th year and for the third year sponsored by RRYC, YPRCC and Rappahannock Yachts.  To register click on Turkey Shoot in the club header or go to Turkeyshoot.org.
In addition, the Godspeed will be coming to the regatta and berthed at the Tides.  Although not racing, the Godspeed will be on the river with the racers giving you the chance to race with history.
Also, we need volunteers to drive the water taxis for the boats moored out in the creek: To volunteer contact Frank Martin at (804) 313-5072 or fkmart@aol.com.  This is an great way to support the regatta.

Jr Sailing Fall Series begins THIS SUNDAY

2012 Banner Burgee.gifOkay, we’ve decided to modify the dates of the RRYC Jr Fall Series. Actually we’re just pretending #1 never happened and starting #1 on the original #2 day.

The dates will be:

#1 Sunday 8/30
#2 Sunday 9/13
#3 Sunday 9/20

Here are the Sailing Instructions: RRYC Jr Fall Series 2015 SI

It is VITAL that you let us know if you plan to attend any of these events, so that we can deploy the appropriate race committee and logistics resources!  THANKS!
Just RSVP to juniorsailing@rryc.org. Also let me know if you’re a club member and can volunteer on race committee for any of these three Sunday afternoons.