Rappahannock Cup Returned to RRYC-Updated

Our annual contest with Yankee Point Racing Cruising Club was fought on the Rappahannock River September 17 & 18.  As always, since each club needs to count two spinnaker and three non-spinnaker boats the overall scoring was very close. After two days of racing in light to moderate winds RRYC prevailed over YPRCC 47 to 50, returning the cup to RRYC after two consecutive losing years.

Thirteen boats competed in the Cup regatta the best turnout in years. Competing for RRYC in the spinnaker class were Hal Starke and Sam Marshall’s Play It Again team, Tommy Asch’s Moya and Doug Lyle on his Catalina 22. In the Non-Spinnaker class RRYC competitors were Tom Chapman’s Hot Air, Pete Knight’s Salute, Stu Polhamus’s Equinox and Pete Winter’s Sea Wind.

Thanks to all RRYC racers and their dedicated crews who competed and George Kuper, Greg and Sue Kirkbride who served on the YPRCC RC led by Anker Madsen.

Play It Again won the spinnaker division on a tiebreak with Moya.


Hot Air won the non-spinnaker division.



Photo Credit: John Barber

Don’t miss the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta

This years Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta, a primary Fall event for RRYC, promises to be terrific with something for everyone.  Great racing, the Godspeed and Claud W. Somers coming and being berthed at the Tides Inn when not on the water and excellent shore side celebrating.  It should prove a very memorable experience.  If you are not planning on racing, head out on the water to view the event from the best seats!  To get tickets to the Cocktail Party Friday Sept 30 or the dinner October 1 just click on the Turkey Shoot tab at the right top of the RRYC homepage.  It will take you the the Turkey Shoot page at Yachtscoring where you can order tickets (second heading on the right column.)

Hope to see you there!

Tom Chapman

YPRCC Fall Regatta September 10

PHRF racers and Typhoon’s, this Saturday is the YPRCC Fall Regatta.  Register now for the first race of are Fall PHRF Season!  NOR and SIs available at YPRCC.org and click on Racing Corner on the right.

In addition, don’t forget that the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta is coming up Sept 30 through Oct 2.  Register now for a great weekend benefiting a great cause! RRYC has won the John and Carole Jean McConnico trophy for two years running and we need to get more boats in more divisions to improve our chances of maintaining our winning ways.

Also, don’t forget that the Rappahannock Cup is coming up September 17 &18.  YPRCC has won the Cup the last two years and it is past time to win it back.

See you on the water,


Tom Chapman

Stingray Point Regatta Saturday and Sunday Racing Canceled


Friday Stingray Light Race ON

It is with deep regret that we have to announce that the Stingray Point Regatta for 2016 is canceled. This includes all racing and social activities at FBYC on Saturday and Sunday. It is our intention to refund most, if not all, fees to boats entered in the event and dinner purchasers. The forecasts, and analysis, at this time give all indications that both days will be a bust.

We are planning to race the mid distance race on Friday, and have the low country boil at the clubhouse. Price for dinner is the same, $10.00. If you come and you’ve pre-paid for the dinner, you’re good to go. If you haven’t paid, no problem; bring a ten spot. If you paid and can’t come, we’ll square up with you later.

Cost for Friday’s race is zero, zip, nada. Come and join us for a great sail and fantastic food.

See you Friday (or next year)


CRUISE NEWS: Aug./Sept. 2016

Voyage of S/V ARIEL

I see that some of you do follow Charles and Sue’s blogspot, but for the rest, Ariel is in Seixal, near Lisbon. Portugal. Their sat phone is not tracking well and they have posted pix on Instagram (suencharles). You can follow them via their blogspot, later by their tracking tool via predictwind.com or you can email them although Sue reports that internet access may be inconsistent for her:

cnspringett@gmail.comsuekspringett@gmail.com and suespringett@verizon.net



Recent Cruising Fleet Activity

 Cruisers recently visited Matthews Yacht Club for an enjoyable dinner and breakfast both on their renovated porch and inside their dining room.  Look for that report in Headway..

A week later fellow cruisers embarked on the Roam the Rappahannock trip which included one sailboat passing under the Tappahannock Bridge (50 ft.) and returning unscathed!  We explored the Totuskey and the Piscataway Creeks, enjoying overnights and excursions by dinghy up each creek to the intersection with route 3 or 17, respectively. See the report in Headway for more details.

Upcoming Cruises

With the annual party at the Sarnowski home on Dymer Creek on Sept. 3 as the starting point, please join us on a cruise up the PAX (Patuxent) River with stops at Solomons, Sotterley Plantation, Benedict, where the British landed to burn Washington, Vera’s in St. Leonard’s Creek and possibly Crisfield.  Look at the Member Connect site for more details and be sure to sign up if you wish to join us.

Come cruising with us!





Junior Regatta Photo Links (including last year’s!)


Photographer Scott Adams, of Richmond, has made his Junior Regatta photo preview sets for this year and last year available, in case any parents are looking for quality photos of their children racing.  High quality prints and high-resolution images are available for purchase through these links. I encourage you to support Scott by purchasing these photos.  He came out and shot for us at no charge from one of the mark/safety boats despite having two broken ribs he just picked up in Alaska the week prior (while trying to get a shot!). That’s dedication.  All he makes, he makes from the purchase of these images.

2016 Images: http://goo.gl/CBQvsF

2015 Images: http://goo.gl/kNgtt5

2016 RRYC Junior Regatta Results!


RRYC Shirt Back 2Here are all of the results from the 2016 RRYC Junior Regatta held yesterday (July 23, 2016).  If there are any changes to these results, they will be posted here within the next few days.

There was no Opti Green Fleet race held, as the vast majority of Green Fleet participants were transferred to Opti Red/White/Blue fleets at the last minute.

Results from each class are in the documents below.  The Opti Overall winner was Reese Bragg.

I may update these documents to include club affiliations.

Laser 2016

420 2016

Sunfish 2016

Opti Red 2016

Opti White 2016

Opti Blue 2016

Opti Overall 2016

Cruise News July/Aug 2016

Ongoing Voyage of S/V ARIEL

On behalf of our veteran cruisers, Charles and Sue Springett, please find an update received July 21st.

“After parting on July 11, 2016; we have reunited Ariel, Charles and Sue in A Coruna. Gregers had helped him sail her down the Irish sea and the Celtic Sea ( past Bay of Biscay).  It took two sails to Kinsale, Ireland and a three night passage to A Coruna with weather window days in between.  Sue had arrived by trains, and planes from her world tour (to Dublin, Ireland; Holyhead, Wales; Preston, England; Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; and La Coruna, Spain. She was sightseeing, using metros, and walking to various places, with pictures to follow-).  From July 20 to 25th there is a Medieval Festival in town nearby with some 300 stalls set up selling everything from various sweets, handmade jewelry, leather goods, spices and spit-cooked baby pigs to Octopus. Of course there is beer!  We are having a great time.


Sue & Charles”




Note the new email addresses.  You can best follow them by way of:



Recent Cruising Fleet Activity

The Carolina Dreamin’ cruise to New Bern was quite enjoyable: be sure to read the story in this Headway.

A six-boat fleet recently visited St Mary’s College on the river and enjoyed the concert over the water along with their fireworks.  Look for that story soon.

Upcoming Cruises

 MYC : The short cruise to Matthews Yacht Club will take place starting July 29th with six or more boats embarking on what should be an enjoyable trip close to home.

Another voyage close to home is Roaming the Rappahannock, from August 6th to 10th with Ted Kvell leading us to new spots for some.

And, although August may be warm, we plan a long weekend trip to the Great Wicomico to visit some of the waterfront restaurants, Aug. 19th -21st.

Look at the Member Connect site for more details and be sure to sign up if you wish to join us for any of these or the ones in September and October.

Come cruising with us!





PHRF Racing on the River

Get ready for our exciting second half of PHRF racing on the Rappahannock.

Racing kicks off with a fun pursuit race sponsored by YPRCC, on August 13. Next up is YPRCC Fall Regatta September 10. Then comes the Rappahannock Cup on September 17 and 18. YPRCC has won this regatta for the last two years and it is well past time to bring the trophy back to RRYC where it rightly belongs. Sept 30 to Oct 2 brings the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta, the highlight of our Fall events. After the Turkey Shoot comes the YPRCC Singlehanded Regatta and then the season finale, the RRYC Commodore’s Cup, October 15.

Lets have the biggest and best Fall PHRF racing season in years! Get your crew together and enjoy the racing.

Tom Chapman

PHRF Fleet Commander