Turkey Shoot Regatta: Volunteer Water Taxi Drivers Needed

To encourage regatta participants the Turkey Shoot Regatta provides free water taxi service to racers anchored in Carters Creek. Early indications show that we will have significantly more competitors seeking taxi service.    Several folks have already volunteered to crew the taxis, and we thank them.  However, we need more!  The taxis will run Friday Oct 3 from 1500-2130; Sat from 0630-1000 and 1600-2100; and Sunday from 0630-1000and 1600-1800.  Depending on crew availability we would like to keep shifts to 2-2.5 hours each.

Please contact Frank Martin, 804- 313- 5072/435-3594 or fkmart@aol.com if you are available and willing to assist.  Appreciate your consideration.


Many thanks,

Jerry Latell and Tom Chapman

Fall PHRF on the River!

Ah September, my favorite month.  The air is cooler, the wind is up and the schedule is full of river racing!  On September 6th Yankee Point will host their Fall Regatta, on the 20th and 21st we’ll host the Rappahannock Cup and on the 27th Yankee Point will host the Fall Single Handed Race.  October wraps up the PHRF season with our fall regatta, the Commodore’s Cup, on the 18th.  All races start at 1030 on their respective days.  Yankee Point has also started their Wednesday evening series – start times are 1730 in September and 1700 in October.  Notice Of Races and Sailing Instructions for all of the above are below in pdf format.

Defend the Cup!  On September 20th and 21st we will host The Rappahannock Cup, defending it against Yankee Point.  We’ll need our fleet out there to round the marks so we can keep bragging rights for another year.  There will be at least three races in the two day series, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Both clubs will need to field at least two spinnaker boats and three non-spinnaker boats.  Please contact me and let me know if you are going to race, and which class you will be in.  We’ll also need race committee volunteers – the most important group in any race!  If you’re not racing this is a great way to get in on the action, so let me know if you can help out on the committee boats.  The club social is that Saturday evening, so if you’d like to come by and talk about the day’s events be sure to send in your reservation one week in advance.  Let’s make sure the Cup graces our clubhouse’s mantel shelf for another year!





2014 RRYC Commodore’s Cup NOR

YPRCC Fall 2014 NOR

YPRCC Fall 2014 SI

YPRCC SIs Fall Wednesdays 2014


Time for the kids to have some fun!!  So bring them and their friends to RRYC on Saturday, Aug 9.  The festivities will start at 1300. (Your child should have already eaten lunch before they come.)

There will be game and ride stations through which the kids will rotate throughout the afternoon. These are as follows:
    ~ Jet-ski rides provided by the Timms.
    ~ Tube rides provided by Frank Miller (and possibly Pete Knight)
    ~ Corn Hole Toss game
    ~ Dinghy Bailing Relay game
    ~ Water Balloon Toss Game
    ~ Scavenger Hunt
    ~ Pool time in the club pool.
Each child will receive “gold”coins for participating in each activity which can be used to “purchase” prizes from the prize table.
At approximately 1700 we will served Hotdogs and chips, followed by a
“build your own” ice cream sundae station.
Please make sure your children have bathing suits and life preservers.
Also, we will need help manning the various games, so please be prepared to stay for the afternoon.
We have plenty of prizes, so bring your friends for a fun afternoon.


RRYC Annual Junior Regatta

58 junior sailors had a great day on the water!  Good steady winds and temperatures that are not the normal for this time of year helped immensely.  The racing was cut short due to approaching storms but all fleets of Optimists (green, white, blue and red), Sunfish, Laser Radials, and 420 completed at least 3 races.

Thank you to all the RRYC volunteers who helped on water and on land, and parents from all of the clubs for helping to make this a success!

Here are the results:

Optimist (30 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 14730, Guthrie Braun[Blue], FBYC, 1-1-6- ; 8
2. 19470, Nathan Smith[Blue], FBYC, 5-2-2- ; 9
3. 18457, Trent Levy[Red], Fbyc, 3-3-4- ; 10
4. 7424, Ian Street[Red], FBYC, 2-10-1- ; 13T
5. 11166, John Vail[Blue], RRYC, 4-4-5- ; 13T
6. 20380, Gannon Troutman[Blue], Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 8-11-3- ; 22T
7. 415, Sarah Ellen Smith[Red], NYCC, 7-6-9- ; 22T
8. 5814, Joshua Bendura[White], FBYC, 9-5-11- ; 25
9. 18471, Morey Levy[Blue], Fbyc, 6-7-16- ; 29
10. 18821, Reed McAllister[White], FBYC, 14-8-8- ; 30
11. 19805, Jackson Montague[Blue], FBYC, 13-12-7- ; 32T
12. 17424, Benjamin “Ren” Moody[Blue], FBYC, 11-9-12- ; 32T
13. 14858, Will Street[Blue], FBYC, 10-13-13- ; 36
14. 12623, Alex Resio[Red], FBYC/RRYC, 17-16-10- ; 43
15. 16321, Logan Hayes[White], FBYC, 19-17-14- ; 50
16. USA 2784, Evelyn Wensell[Blue], FBYC, 18-19-15- ; 52
17. 512, Jayden jones[Red], WRYC, 12-20-23- ; 55T
18. 18207, Joshua Almany[White], FBYC, 21-15-19- ; 55T
19. 6095, Walker Angus[White], FBYC, 15-23-18- ; 56
20. 11565, Claire Davis[Blue], ICYCC, 26-14-20- ; 60T
21. 6093, Mae Wallace Angus[Blue], FBYC, 20-18-22- ; 60T
22. 11564, Bo Angus[White], FBYC, 16-24-24- ; 64T
23. FB 2, Michael Mason[Blue], FBYC, 25-22-17- ; 64T
24. 1317, Charlie Hatch[White], Premier Sailing, 24-21-25- ; 70
25. 19147, Quintin Levy[White], Fbyc, 22-31/OCS-21- ; 74
26. 2, Cole Frankenhoff[White], Premier Sailing, 27-31/DNF-26- ; 84
27. 6219, Andrew Lay[White], RRYC, 23-31/DNF-31/DNF- ; 85

Optimist Green (5 boats) 

Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 101, Thomas Marple, RCYC, 2-2-1- ; 5
2. 11474, Olivia Jones, wryc, 1-1-4- ; 6
3. 9752, Eleanor South Patterson, Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 3-4-2- ; 9
4. USA 5067, Georgia Wensell, FBYC, 5-3-3- ; 11
5. *vanguad*, William Shaner, FBYC, 4-5-5- ; 14

Laser Radial (13 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 203642, Garrett Levy[Junior], Fbyc, 1-1-2- ; 4
2. 203628, Ralph Levy[Junior], Fbyc, 2-3-1- ; 6
3. 190238, Jordan Bendura[Junior], FBYC, 3-2-3- ; 8
4. 6, Kendra Walker[Junior], WRYC, 4-4-5- ; 13
5. 33, Andrew DeSantis[Junior], Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, 11-6-4- ; 21T
6. 188703, Corey Jameson[Junior], Premier Sailing/RRYC, 6-8-7- ; 21T
7. 188698, Zachary Wellinghoff[Junior], WRYC, 10-5-8- ; 23T
8. 175881, Wilson Hatchett[Junior], WRYC, 8-9-6- ; 23T
9. 155322, Catesby Jones[Junior], WRYC, 5-7-13- ; 25
10. 11, Jack Robertson[Junior], WRYC, 7-11-10- ; 28
11. 71, Ian O’Connell[Junior], WRYC, 12-10-11- ; 33
12. 206540, John Seager[Open], WRYC, 13-12-9- ; 34T
13. 188921, Caroline Lay[Junior], RRYC, 9-13-12- ; 34T

Sunfish (8 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. Wh/LBlu/Pink, Billy Hatch, Premier Sailing, 1-1-1- ; 3
2. 117, Tess Wisor, Premier Sailing, 4-2-2- ; 8
3. red-white-bl, Colman Rowan, Premier Sailing, 3-3-3- ; 9
4. Pink/Bl/Blue, Joey Hatch, Premier Sailing, 2-4-9/DNF- ; 15
5. 78463, Dax DiMuzio, Premier Sailing, 5-5-9/DNF- ; 19
6. 6, Jack Whitmore, x, 9/DNF-9/DNF-9/DNF- ; 27T
7. 78847, Jake Hatchett, Premier Sailing, 9/DNS-9/DNS-9/DNS- ; 27T

420 (2 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 20, Darden Purrington, Indian Creek Yacht and County Club, 1-1-1- ; 3
2. 21, Zoe Harding, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, 2-2-2- ; 6


RRYC Junior’s Race in Junior Olympic Festival

Four RRYC Juniors raced at Corsica River Yacht Club this past week in the Regional Junior Olympic Festival.  Reese Bragg, Alex Resio, Boyd Bragg, and John Vail all sailed in 7 races over two days in light and variable wind conditions.  Congratulations to Boyd who took 1st place overall and John who took 5th place overall out of the 62 boats from the Chesapeake Bay area.

2014 JO at CRYC 100

John Vail is far left and Boyd Bragg is far right.

Single Handed Race Results

The Spring Single Handed Race was run on one of the best days for sailing that I’ve seen out there.  The winds were strong all day and PRO Ron Mihills set up a great triangle course for the thirteen skippers that ventured out into the whitecaps.  After two laps around, Don Scheu in Abino captured first place, with Dwight Timm in Silver Fox second, and Warren Hottle in Cygnet third.

In addition to Ron, a big thanks goes to to the rest of the committee: George Kuper, Danielle Kuper, Frank Birdsall, Pete Clay, Ginny Clay, and Jerry Wachter.

It was great to see so many boats out there!  Click below to see the full results.


RRYC Single-Handed Results 6-28-14

RRYC Annual Junior Regatta

RRYC Shirt Back 2

Saturday July 26, 2014

Hosted by Rappahannock River Yacht Club 100 Rappahannock Road
Irvington, VA 22480
(804) 438-6650


Classes: Club 420, Laser Radial, Sunfish, Optimist (Red/White/Blue), Optimist Green

Registration: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_registration_form.php?regatta_id=8758

Fees: The entry fee is $30 for single-handed boats and $45 for double-handed boats. This includes a regatta t-shirt for all participants.

Schedule: Racing will be conducted on Saturday July 26, 2014.

Registration/Check-in       0830 – 0915

Skippers Meeting              0930

1st Warning of Day           1100

Awards Ceremony            ASAP following race

Notes: The RRYC Junior Regatta is a CBYRA regatta open to all Junior sailors. The winners need not be members of CBYRA.

1. RULES: The regatta will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-2016. The rules of the Sunfish, Laser, Laser Radial, Club 420, and Optimist classes will apply.

2. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS. Written Sailing Instructions will be available at check-in and will be posted on the RRYC homepage once published.

3. RACING AREA. There will be three racing areas: one for Opti Green; one for Opti R/W/B; and one for Sunfish, Laser Radial, Club 420.

The Opti green fleet course is planned for Carter’s Creek in front of the RRYC clubhouse. The other courses are planned for the Rappahannock River. Final course locations will be announced at the skippers’ meeting.

4. COURSES. Courses will be shown in the Sailing Instructions and announced at the skippers’ meeting.

5. MEASUREMENT. All sailors are responsible for ensuring that their boats are in compliance with class rules. The race committee reserves the right to inspect any boat at any time.

6. SCORING. The Low Point System of Appendix A2 will apply. All competitors will have one race discarded after a minimum of five races have been completed. One race is required to complete the regatta.

7. SPECTATOR BOATS. Spectator boats are welcome but must stay well clear of the race course and minimize wake while races are in progress. Spectator boats must follow all instructions from race committee and/or safety boats.  Spectator boats may launch at Gaskins Landing off of the eastern branch of Carter’s Creek and Steamboat Road in Irvington. There is a $5 launch fee.

8. COACH BOATS. All coach boats must register at the regatta check-in desk. Coaches must be well clear of the race course prior to the preparatory signal for a race and may not communicate with racers while they are racing. Coach boats are required to carry a VHF radio and monitor the main regatta frequency (VHF-72) at all times.

9. SAFETY. A US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device shall be worn and properly fastened at all times while launching and sailing, except for brief periods to change clothing. A whistle with lanyard must be attached to PFD. A boat retiring from a race shall notify a race committee vessel before leaving the course, or, when that is impossible, immediately upon arriving ashore.

10. PRIZES. Trophies will be awarded to the overall top three (3) places in each class including Opti overall. Green fleet will receive participation awards.

11. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

Additional Information:

Organizing Authority: Rappahannock River Yacht Club

Event Contact: Bo Bragg, at Bo@BraggCo.com (804) 436-7337

Directions and other Information: www.rryc.org


RRYC Cruise to Smith Island in August

The August cruise will be short, but will feature some interesting, out-of-the-way places. The main attraction is Smith Island, a nearby, but seldom visited place. We will be tying up at the Smith Island Marina (410-425-4220), where owners Steve and Pauli Eades will make us welcome. There is a possibility of having a picnic style crab dinner prepared by Pauli, which would be good, since the local restaurants close at 4pm.

Steve and Pauli have assured us that recently dredged channels provide access to Ewell for boats with deep draft (up to 8’) from both the Bay side and Tangier Sound, as long as you stay in the clearly marked channel. Nevertheless, we have planned this cruise so that we will be entering and leaving the harbor of Ewell on a rising tide.


Tue 8/12: Anchor out in Mills Creek, where we will meet in time for cocktails.

Wed 8/13: Mills Creek to Ewell, Smith Island (22 nm). High tide at Ewell is at 3:55 pm, so we will plan to arrive about 2 to 3 hours earlier. Tie up at Smith Island Marina, where shore power is available.

Thu 8/14: Ewell to Crisfield (8 nm). High tide at Ewell is at 4:48 pm. We will leave at about 2:30 pm, transiting through The Big Thoroughfare with plenty of time left for the short hop to Crisfield, where we will tie up at Somers Cove Marina. It is also possible to anchor out if you prefer. The late departure from Ewell will give us plenty of time to look around Smith Island in the morning and do some dinghy exploration, possibly visiting the small community of Tylerton.

Fri 8/15: Stay over in Crisfield.

Sat 8/16: Crisfield to Pungoteague Creek ( 27 nm). Anchor near marker 16, near the dock to the sleepy little town of Harborton. No facilities and nothing to do here, but you can go ashore and walk around and have a look at a remnant of a bygone era. If the cruisers would rather opt for a destination with slips, shore power and restaurants, then a good alternative is nearby Onancock.

Sun 8/16: Sail to your home port.

If you have any questions about this cruise, contact Cruise Leader Ted Kvell at 804-462-9848 (home), 804-436-5094 (cell) or tkvell@aol.com. And as always, you can sign up for the cruise on-line at Member Connect.

Come join us on this short but interesting cruise that features historic and isolated Smith Island.

Spring Single Handed Race

This is always a fun one.  We’ll be rounding the marks crewless for our Single Handed Race on the 28th.  This is a less formal race that anyone can join.  If your boat is more than seventeen feet long and you can sail it by yourself, come on out.  No rating certificate necessary!  If you don’t have a rating we’ll come up with one for you.  Check out the NOR below because there are a few differences from a regular PHRF race, such as a PFD is required from start to finish.  See you there!


2014 RRYC Single Handed Race NOR

Single Handed Entry Form

Spring Regatta

RRYC’s Spring Regatta was on the 14th and it was a good one, with winds steady enough for three races to be run.  Sam Marshall in Play It Again came in first overall with an impressive sweep of line honors and corrected finishes.  Second was Warren Hottle of YPRCC in Cygnet, and third was Pete Knight in Salute.  (Full results on the link below.)  A big thank you goes out to the race committee which included Tom Watkins (PRO), Tom Linville, George Kuper, Tom Blencowe, and Mike Kennedy.


RRYC Spring Regatta Results