Junior Regatta Recap

Our Junior Regatta was a tremendous success!  Despite national-level events going on in other regions which took some of the potential competitors out of the area, we had attendees from RRYC, Premier Sailing, Fishing Bay, Indian Creek, Larchmont, Mill Creek and even Norfolk Yacht Club! A total of 41 boats and 46 sailors competed in the event!

The event started with a delay flag, while our PRO Jerry Latell went out into the river and performed some secret rituals to bring the wind. Apparently they were successful. The wind came and held steady, and blew our young sailors around for the duration of the event.

Special thanks to the many volunteers that stepped up and helped to organize, manage and staff the event. Everywhere I looked, I saw things running smoothly, people who looked like they knew what they were doing.

Here are the results for the event. Stay tuned and check back here for information on photos. We were fortunate to have Scott Adams of Richmond photographing the entire event (http://www.scottadamsrva.com) as well as our own Gary Hooper, who not only shot the event from the water, but also flew a drone over the Green Fleet during their final race. Can’t wait to see the footage from that!

420 Results
Laser Results
Sunfish Results

Opti Blue Fleet Results

Opti White Fleet Results

Opti Green Fleet Results

Opti Overall Results

YPRCC August 1st Pursuit Race

phrfYankee Point Racing and Cruising Club will be holding a fun Pursuit Race on Saturday, August 1st.  It should be an enjoyable day on the water for cruisers as well as racers.  This is one of the racing formats that our membership survey showed of interest so I hope many RRYC Club Members participate.  The Pursuit Race format is fun, with your PHRF handicap(YPRCC will assign a handicap if you do not have one) used to calculate your starting time.  The race is planned for 16 miles, from the starting area near Towles Point down to the bridge and back again.  The Sailing Instructions are attached below.  As requested in the SIs please get your entry information into YPRCC no later than July 25 so they can calculate your start time.


Junior Regatta Updates

RRYC Shirt Back 2We had a very successful Junior Regatta Planning Meeting on Saturday morning. It’s about the only thing that happened at the club on Saturday, since it rained all day. The volunteers (and volunTOLD) will be receiving a detailed email shortly on that. If you have not yet volunteered, we can still use you.

Also, there will be an amended SI being posted sometime this week. Minor changes in sequencing, I’m told.

The event is shaping up, and hopefully Mother Nature will take a break from throwing these weird storms at us, and conjure us up a gorgeous day with fair winds.

Current status on email issues

Just so you know, I am currently aware of an email issue specifically regarding email to AOL accounts. It is intermittent, but frustrating, that emails and forwards from RRYC to AOL accounts may or may not work.  Here is a transcript of the conversation I had with our hosting provider this morning. It illustrates the issue a little bit, and hopefully it will be resolved soon:

Chat ID:14786279. Question: Persistent failure of emails from our domain to AOL recipients due to your gateway’s IP reputation.
(10:13:57am)System:Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
(10:14:55am)System:Thank you for verifying your billing account bobgerman@bobgerman.com!
(10:17:49am)Robert E.:Thank you for contacting HostGator Live Chat! My name is Robert and I will be your web hosting assistant today. Please allow me a few minutes to review your initial question and gather any relevant account data.
(10:21:13am)Robert E.:This is an issue were are in the process of resolving.
(10:22:10am)Bob German:Can you give me any more data? We are a membership organization, and I have to explain to the person in charge of the organization, who has an AOL account, why mail to him is failing.
(10:22:38am)Bob German:I also have a personal Hostgator account, and have been experiencing the same thing, off and on, for weeks ,if not months.
(10:26:14am)Robert E.:Yes unfortunately this has been an on going issue we are working to resolve. Unfortunately I dont have an exact time frame to when this will be fully resolved but should be resolved soon. This is an issue that multiple accounts are experiencing so we are working as quickly as possible to get this resolved.
(10:26:59am)Bob German:Thank you. Please continue the fight.

Junior Regatta NOR/SI, Registration Link!

RRYC Shirt Back 2Here is the registration link, NOR and SI for the 2015 RRYC Junior Regatta which will be held at the club on Saturday July 25, 2015.  Register by July 8 to guarantee a t-shirt at the event. If you’re reading this on social media, the NOR/SI is on the club website.


Registration for 2015 RRYC Junior Regatta

RRYC Jr Regatta 2015 NOR

2015 RRYC Jr Regatta SI


2015 RRYC Junior Regatta


RRYC Shirt Back 2We have added a page on the website for the 2015 RRYC Junior Regatta, scheduled for Saturday, July 25. Facts are a little thin just yet, but watch the page — developments will come quickly. We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to help this event run smoothly. Anyone who has attended the Junior Regatta at RRYC knows that it’s a large scale event that takes a lot of hands to run. If you’d like to volunteer in a specific or general capacity, please let us know as soon as possible. If you have juniors who plan to race, please let us know as soon as possible, even before signup starts. Everything we know early helps us to better plan for the event.

Bob German