Commodore’s Cup Results

Whitecaps were out aplenty for the Commodore’s Cup on October 18, with two races and two classes, PHRF non-spinnaker and Typhoons.  In the PHRF non-spin, Sam Marshall in Play It Again took first place overall with Pete Knight in Salute and Tom Asch in Moya coming in second and third.  In The Typhoon fleet, Tom Watkins in Radio Flyer came in first, with Ned Crockett in Ladybug and Danielle Kuper in Ty Affair placing second and third.  A big thank you to the committee: Bob Westbrook and Tom Armstrong on the mark boat, and Tom and Jean Light on flags, with Tom Richardson as timer and helping me PRO on Wildfire.  Full scores are below.


Commodore’s Cup – Series Standing

Commodore’s Cup – Race 1

Commodore’s Cup – Race 2


Long Range Planning Meeting, Saturday October 25th at 1600

On Saturday October 25th at 1600, the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will hold a second meeting to review the long range planning recommendations.  While the presentation will cover much of the same material that was presented at the September 27th meeting, some new material developed in response to member comments and questions will be presented.

Please note that the October Headway announced that there would be a vote at the November Annual Meeting on the four options presented at the September 27th meeting – that is not the case.  There will be no vote at the November meeting. The LRPC and the Board believe this is too important a subject to rush.  The vote will be postponed until a later date.  We want to ensure members are provided with adequate time to ask questions and provide feedback and to ensure the LRPC has completed its assessment of the various options with additional, fact-based information and made modifications as necessary.

If you have questions or comments please email them to  All input will be posted as FAQs/Comments online in Member Connect.  Please be patient as the LRPC is attempting to respond to each question/comment.

To view the September presentation, FAQs and Comments, login to Member Connect, double click on “Club Info” and then scroll down to the documents titled “Long Range Plan”.  If you have any difficulty logging into Member Connect or accessing this information, please contact Stephanie at .

Please be assured the LRPC and Board are interested in members having a thorough understanding of the options and issues and that the collective membership will determine the club’s future.


The Long Range Planning Committee

Yankee Point Wins Rappahannock Cup

RRYC hosted the Rappahannock Cup on September 20th and 21st, and after the last horn sounded, the Cup headed up Meyer Creek to Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club.  The final club scores were 44 to 49 (low is better,) so we kept it close.  My congratulations to the Yankee Point fleet.  The bleak wind forecast for the weekend was off in our favor as breezes of up to 10-12kts kept the racers moving around the marks.  Temperatures stayed comfortable making the Cup one fine sailing weekend.

Thanks go out to Principle Race Officer Arabella Denvir.  Also on the committee were Tom Armstrong, Tom Blencowe, Sissy Crowther, Danielle Kuper, and George Kuper.  Results were calculated by Jerry Latell.

Our fleet included Play It Again, skippered by Sam Marshall (1st place spinnaker), Caladan, Doug Lyle (4th place spinnaker), Salute, Pete Knight (1st place non-spin), Moya, Tom Asch (3rd place non-spin), and Pegasus, Bob German (6th place non-spin.)  Due to a scoring mixup, Salute was originally recorded as second in non-spin, but was actually first.  The standings in the report below reflect that.

So for at least one year there will be a bare spot in our clubhouse, but all that really means is that next year we’ll have to win it back.

But don’t pack your sails away yet, the season isn’t over!  On October 18th we’ll host our fall regatta, the Commodore’s Cup.  This is the last PHRF race of the year, so mark your calendars for this one final time around the marks before cold weather sets in!


Rapp Cup Final

Turkey Shoot Regatta: Volunteer Water Taxi Drivers Needed

To encourage regatta participants the Turkey Shoot Regatta provides free water taxi service to racers anchored in Carters Creek. Early indications show that we will have significantly more competitors seeking taxi service.    Several folks have already volunteered to crew the taxis, and we thank them.  However, we need more!  The taxis will run Friday Oct 3 from 1500-2130; Sat from 0630-1000 and 1600-2100; and Sunday from 0630-1000and 1600-1800.  Depending on crew availability we would like to keep shifts to 2-2.5 hours each.

Please contact Frank Martin, 804- 313- 5072/435-3594 or if you are available and willing to assist.  Appreciate your consideration.


Many thanks,

Jerry Latell and Tom Chapman

Fall PHRF on the River!

Ah September, my favorite month.  The air is cooler, the wind is up and the schedule is full of river racing!  On September 6th Yankee Point will host their Fall Regatta, on the 20th and 21st we’ll host the Rappahannock Cup and on the 27th Yankee Point will host the Fall Single Handed Race.  October wraps up the PHRF season with our fall regatta, the Commodore’s Cup, on the 18th.  All races start at 1030 on their respective days.  Yankee Point has also started their Wednesday evening series – start times are 1730 in September and 1700 in October.  Notice Of Races and Sailing Instructions for all of the above are below in pdf format.

Defend the Cup!  On September 20th and 21st we will host The Rappahannock Cup, defending it against Yankee Point.  We’ll need our fleet out there to round the marks so we can keep bragging rights for another year.  There will be at least three races in the two day series, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Both clubs will need to field at least two spinnaker boats and three non-spinnaker boats.  Please contact me and let me know if you are going to race, and which class you will be in.  We’ll also need race committee volunteers – the most important group in any race!  If you’re not racing this is a great way to get in on the action, so let me know if you can help out on the committee boats.  The club social is that Saturday evening, so if you’d like to come by and talk about the day’s events be sure to send in your reservation one week in advance.  Let’s make sure the Cup graces our clubhouse’s mantel shelf for another year!




2014 RRYC Commodore’s Cup NOR

YPRCC Fall 2014 NOR

YPRCC Fall 2014 SI

YPRCC SIs Fall Wednesdays 2014


Time for the kids to have some fun!!  So bring them and their friends to RRYC on Saturday, Aug 9.  The festivities will start at 1300. (Your child should have already eaten lunch before they come.)

There will be game and ride stations through which the kids will rotate throughout the afternoon. These are as follows:
    ~ Jet-ski rides provided by the Timms.
    ~ Tube rides provided by Frank Miller (and possibly Pete Knight)
    ~ Corn Hole Toss game
    ~ Dinghy Bailing Relay game
    ~ Water Balloon Toss Game
    ~ Scavenger Hunt
    ~ Pool time in the club pool.
Each child will receive “gold”coins for participating in each activity which can be used to “purchase” prizes from the prize table.
At approximately 1700 we will served Hotdogs and chips, followed by a
“build your own” ice cream sundae station.
Please make sure your children have bathing suits and life preservers.
Also, we will need help manning the various games, so please be prepared to stay for the afternoon.
We have plenty of prizes, so bring your friends for a fun afternoon.


RRYC Annual Junior Regatta

58 junior sailors had a great day on the water!  Good steady winds and temperatures that are not the normal for this time of year helped immensely.  The racing was cut short due to approaching storms but all fleets of Optimists (green, white, blue and red), Sunfish, Laser Radials, and 420 completed at least 3 races.

Thank you to all the RRYC volunteers who helped on water and on land, and parents from all of the clubs for helping to make this a success!

Here are the results:

Optimist (30 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 14730, Guthrie Braun[Blue], FBYC, 1-1-6- ; 8
2. 19470, Nathan Smith[Blue], FBYC, 5-2-2- ; 9
3. 18457, Trent Levy[Red], Fbyc, 3-3-4- ; 10
4. 7424, Ian Street[Red], FBYC, 2-10-1- ; 13T
5. 11166, John Vail[Blue], RRYC, 4-4-5- ; 13T
6. 20380, Gannon Troutman[Blue], Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 8-11-3- ; 22T
7. 415, Sarah Ellen Smith[Red], NYCC, 7-6-9- ; 22T
8. 5814, Joshua Bendura[White], FBYC, 9-5-11- ; 25
9. 18471, Morey Levy[Blue], Fbyc, 6-7-16- ; 29
10. 18821, Reed McAllister[White], FBYC, 14-8-8- ; 30
11. 19805, Jackson Montague[Blue], FBYC, 13-12-7- ; 32T
12. 17424, Benjamin “Ren” Moody[Blue], FBYC, 11-9-12- ; 32T
13. 14858, Will Street[Blue], FBYC, 10-13-13- ; 36
14. 12623, Alex Resio[Red], FBYC/RRYC, 17-16-10- ; 43
15. 16321, Logan Hayes[White], FBYC, 19-17-14- ; 50
16. USA 2784, Evelyn Wensell[Blue], FBYC, 18-19-15- ; 52
17. 512, Jayden jones[Red], WRYC, 12-20-23- ; 55T
18. 18207, Joshua Almany[White], FBYC, 21-15-19- ; 55T
19. 6095, Walker Angus[White], FBYC, 15-23-18- ; 56
20. 11565, Claire Davis[Blue], ICYCC, 26-14-20- ; 60T
21. 6093, Mae Wallace Angus[Blue], FBYC, 20-18-22- ; 60T
22. 11564, Bo Angus[White], FBYC, 16-24-24- ; 64T
23. FB 2, Michael Mason[Blue], FBYC, 25-22-17- ; 64T
24. 1317, Charlie Hatch[White], Premier Sailing, 24-21-25- ; 70
25. 19147, Quintin Levy[White], Fbyc, 22-31/OCS-21- ; 74
26. 2, Cole Frankenhoff[White], Premier Sailing, 27-31/DNF-26- ; 84
27. 6219, Andrew Lay[White], RRYC, 23-31/DNF-31/DNF- ; 85

Optimist Green (5 boats) 

Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 101, Thomas Marple, RCYC, 2-2-1- ; 5
2. 11474, Olivia Jones, wryc, 1-1-4- ; 6
3. 9752, Eleanor South Patterson, Fishing Bay Yacht Club, 3-4-2- ; 9
4. USA 5067, Georgia Wensell, FBYC, 5-3-3- ; 11
5. *vanguad*, William Shaner, FBYC, 4-5-5- ; 14

Laser Radial (13 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 203642, Garrett Levy[Junior], Fbyc, 1-1-2- ; 4
2. 203628, Ralph Levy[Junior], Fbyc, 2-3-1- ; 6
3. 190238, Jordan Bendura[Junior], FBYC, 3-2-3- ; 8
4. 6, Kendra Walker[Junior], WRYC, 4-4-5- ; 13
5. 33, Andrew DeSantis[Junior], Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, 11-6-4- ; 21T
6. 188703, Corey Jameson[Junior], Premier Sailing/RRYC, 6-8-7- ; 21T
7. 188698, Zachary Wellinghoff[Junior], WRYC, 10-5-8- ; 23T
8. 175881, Wilson Hatchett[Junior], WRYC, 8-9-6- ; 23T
9. 155322, Catesby Jones[Junior], WRYC, 5-7-13- ; 25
10. 11, Jack Robertson[Junior], WRYC, 7-11-10- ; 28
11. 71, Ian O’Connell[Junior], WRYC, 12-10-11- ; 33
12. 206540, John Seager[Open], WRYC, 13-12-9- ; 34T
13. 188921, Caroline Lay[Junior], RRYC, 9-13-12- ; 34T

Sunfish (8 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. Wh/LBlu/Pink, Billy Hatch, Premier Sailing, 1-1-1- ; 3
2. 117, Tess Wisor, Premier Sailing, 4-2-2- ; 8
3. red-white-bl, Colman Rowan, Premier Sailing, 3-3-3- ; 9
4. Pink/Bl/Blue, Joey Hatch, Premier Sailing, 2-4-9/DNF- ; 15
5. 78463, Dax DiMuzio, Premier Sailing, 5-5-9/DNF- ; 19
6. 6, Jack Whitmore, x, 9/DNF-9/DNF-9/DNF- ; 27T
7. 78847, Jake Hatchett, Premier Sailing, 9/DNS-9/DNS-9/DNS- ; 27T

420 (2 boats) 
Series Standing – 3 races scored

Pos,Sail, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. 20, Darden Purrington, Indian Creek Yacht and County Club, 1-1-1- ; 3
2. 21, Zoe Harding, Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club, 2-2-2- ; 6