Rappahannock River Yacht Club
  • RRYC Retains Rappahannock Cup

    RRYC Retains Rappahannock Cup

    Unfortunately due to illness and schedule issues YPRCC forfeited and RRYC retained the Rappahannock Cup.  Since our PHRF Fleet, under Fleet Commander Ed Johnson was ready to race PRO Mosby West Scheduled three races for Sunday instead of the planned...

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  • Fall Typhoon Series -- Standings After Throw-outs

    So far this Fall, the Ty Fleet raced two Wednesdays and one Wednesday racing day was cancelled due to threatening storms.   The two worst finishes (Throw-Outs) will not be counted toward the boat's standings. The throw-outs are underlined. With...

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  • Typhoon Racing on Wednesday September 13th

    First, the racing today was GREAT!! While the wind was not strong, a fleet of eight Typhoons floated over the waters of the Rappahannock like graceful swans. Three races were completed and conducted by our very competent Race Committee with...

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