Rappahannock River Yacht Club

Jerry Latell and other experts will talk to us about optimal sail trim and other tips on how to get our boats sailing optimally. This event stars at 4pm. on the 17th April. Drinks and a catered dinner will follow.  This evening should fire us all up for the first "race" of the season on Wednesday April 24th. "Race" is in inverted commas because although the races will be expertly conducted by PRO Moseby and his Crew, the scoring that evening will not count. This is because anyone wishing to switch boats and sail with a successful skipper for coaching purposes may do so. The logistics of this will be explained at the kickoff event. This will be the first of two "coaching races" of the season. The Typhoon fleet is constantly welcoming skippers of all levels of experience and although we all like to win,  fun and learning is also a priority!